Sport Olympics | Outdoor and Extreme Sports Competition for Athletes
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Olympics History

The games that were organized in Olympia, Greece in 776 BC were the starting point of the Olympic Games. The modern Olympics were started in 1896. Barron Perre, a French Man, was the main reason for starting it.

Grand Opening Ceremony

The Grand Opening Ceremony of the Olympics is one of the most anticipated events. Every opening ceremony of the Olympics is exceptional in their own way. The marching of the contestants from all over the world representing their country is an absolute treat for the eyes.

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    1. $35 Million Payout For The Winner of the tournament-
    The most exciting fact about the world cup is the payout for the winning team as they will get $35 million. On the other hand, to offset the losing team's disappointment, they offer them $25 million. Everyone can assume that every team who has played second will trade the money for the title. The top teams in the tournament will also receive some compensation. It is very incredible to know that every team that participates in the world cup takes home a multi-million dollar as by competing in the group stage itself your team will earn about $ 8 million.
    1. About 7.05 Billion People Watch The World Cup-
    About 3.2 billion people around the globe who are roughly 46% of the world’s population has watched more than one minute of the 2010 football world cup. According to FIFA, it makes the tournament “the world’s most viewed sporting event.” It is amazing that 46% of the world’s population watches a single event and it is incredible to know that 2 billion people who are about 29% of the world have sat down to watch the world cup for more than 30 minutes.
    1. Over 3 Million Beers Drank and about 400,000 Brauts Devoured-
    About Over 750,000 liters of beer were sold in stadiums during the 2010 World Cup. That is equivalent to about 25,360,517 ounces or 3,170,064 beers but do not worry, since the people who drink have also eaten 390,600 hot dogs, they will not get too hung over.
    1. No Sex is allowed During The World Cup-
    Many coaches of multiple teams have banned their players from having sex during the World Cup. These coaches include from teams such as Spain, Mexico, Germany, and Chile have prohibited their players from having sex during the world cup. The managers stated that sex is a distraction and also a waste of the player's energy. Other team managers like Brazil’s Luiz Felipe Scolari, has taken a more mixed approach. When asked about his method he said that his players can sex but should not engage in acrobatic sex.
    1. The Cup Causes Increased Birth Rates In the Host Countries-
    Nine months after Germany hosted the World Cup in the year 2006 their country’s birth rate increased by more than 10 percent. A 10 percent increase may not be much, but the birth rate is something that is exceptionally stable in the country. Since 2006, the European Union birthrate has changed only by .07%. So main two reason for this happening is first due to the beer and second is when you are in an environment with fun and excitement it tends to make people happier and when women are happy it can release a hormone that makes it very easy to get pregnant.    ...