Sport Olympics | Molisani on the shields at the 2nd regional phase of Aversa semy and light contact
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Molisani on the shields at the 2nd regional phase of Aversa semy and light contact

BOJANO – The regional kick boxing sector enjoys excellent health and can count on athletes of undoubted technical value and on young players of undoubted quality. This is in summary the positive balance that emerges from the amazing results that the Molise fighters, bearer of the Fithing Ring Bojano and the Rings Warriors Cercemaggiore, reported during the second regional phase of semy and light contact that took place in the city of Aversa .


Once again the regional fighters have succeeded in imposing their own strength and determination and getting the better of the direct opponents in each category. Obviously, the Masters of the two sporting associations have been satisfied because of the excellent performances of their respective students. These are the results of the Molise athletes: in the respective categories of the semy contact, Mattia Amatuzio and Alex Carbone once again on the highest step of the podium. result that morally in view of the imminent Italian Cup that will take place in Vibo Valentia on February 24th. Andrea Albanese, the girl of Guardiaregia, is slowly gaining the right experience to be able to say its also in the national phases. Also in the semy contact Marco Abate is in 2nd place losing a final to his reach.Iris Di Rienzo excellent 2nd place in the 32 kg category, in his second race.

A note of credit to the debutant Antonio Giannone, passes the first round elimination and only by a whisker does not reach the semifinals, even better the little Francesca Cobucci fights like a veteran placing in 2nd place in a category with more than 20 athletes. Ettore Gentili and Alex Carbone in the light contact have no opponents, thus crediting the points that qualify them for the national stages.


Return to the races a bit bitter for Louis Monaco, commits the infractions that give the the referees in the verdict in favor of his opponent. A defeat that will give him the incentives to train and return to the top of the best days. Rings Warriors Cercemaggiore excellent proof of Luca Di Stasi 1st classified confirming his superiority in the -75 Kg category. Too bad for Antonio Petraroia, a contestable verdict eliminates him from the tournament.