Sport Olympics | The Kung Fu school in Termoli
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The Kung Fu school in Termoli

TERMOLI – The Kung Fu school in Termoli of Maestro Carmine De Palma will represent the Molise Region at the National Championships of Kung Fu – Sanda of FIWu.K. (Italian Wushu Kung Fu Federation) that will be held in Cagliari. Depart from Ciampino Airport, for Cagliari, the athletes of the Kung Fu school of Maestro Carmine De Palma, instructor in Termoli (Palestra Athenaeum) -Vast (Wellness Center) and Petacciato (Middle School Gym). The selected and qualified athletes will represent the flag and colors of the entire Molise Region in the Sanda and Qingda Combat. As already happened for 6 years, the students are Monaco Nicolino, Vaini Antonio, Stivaletta Manuele, Di Mascio Lucien, Vincenzi Eliana.
Among the athletes of the Molisana team, there is hope to do well and get on the podium. Eyes focused especially on Nicolino Monaco that this year will take part in the Professional Sanda, category with the KO, which deviates from the Sanda Dilettantistico, due to the lack of protection. In addition there is the possibility with this category of being able to enter the European and World Sanda circuit with the National Agonist Team FIWu.k .. The same Monaco, already the last year arrived second in its category, in the Sanda Amateurs, has good chances to make it and to wear the blue, earning this opportunity with a constant training over the years and having experienced in numerous competitions both National and International. The other athletes are all registered in Qingda (Semisanda), all with a wealth of experience in several National Championships and Circuits, very prepared, all ready to give their best and get on the highest podium, including the only female athlete, Eliana, who for the first time competes in this Federation, as a new age of fourteen, the minimum age to participate, but also already with many titles won against him. After this national event, the athletes of the Master Carmine De Palma will continue the training even during the summer. After a short period of rest, there will be a very important commitment to be held in Vicenza in October, where the athletes who will take part in the squad of the Chan Wu Federation Italian Team for the next World Championship will be selected and nominated. will take place in Hungary in Budapest in November.