Sport Olympics | Pompeo Barbieri
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Pompeo Barbieri


TERMOLI – It will be the Municipal Pool of Abano Terme, in the province of Padua, to host the races valid for the third edition of the Italian Winter Swimming Championship in short tub. 
The event, which will take place on 7 and 8 March, is organized and organized by the Italian Paralympic Committee with the collaboration of Aspea Padova Onlus. 


Certain the presence of all the best athletes at national level, starting with those who represented Italy at the recent 2008 Paralympic Summer Games in Beijing, as the ‘medalists’ Maria Poiani Panigati (PHB Bergamo), gold in the 50 category style S11 and Cecilia Camellini (ASD Tricolore), two silver medals, for her, in China, in the 50 and 100 style always S11 class.


It starts Saturday, March 7 at 9:30 am, with the 50 back races (S1-S5), the 100 frogs (SB4-SB13), the 100 butterfly (S8-S13), the 150 mixed (SM1-SM4) and of the 200 free style (S2-S5). In the afternoon, starting at 3 pm, at the start the tests of the 100 freestyle (S1-S13), the 50 frogs (SB1-SB2-SB3) and the mixed 200 (SM5-SM13).


Sunday 8 March, the athletes will compete in the back 100 (S6-S13), the 50 butterfly (S3-S7), the 50 free style (S1-S13) and the 400 freestyle (S6-S13) ). Dal Molise is the athlete of ASD Termoli Nuoto Cip who will challenge the big ones in the tank. Important opportunity, well deserved, which leads the young athlete, still the boys category, to be able to compete for the absolute, after overcoming the time limit “rock”. The Technician of Termoli Nuoto, Giancarlo Mancini, affirmed. So much work is bearing fruit, having this occasion gives us the incentive to keep on doing better and better. 


We do not expect anything from this trip, Pompeo is young, he still has to learn. For Termoli Nuoto it is already a pride to participate in this National event. Probably we will be more competitive in the youths that will be held in May, but after the effort and the time obtained they could certainly not give up this prestigious appointment. – I’m happy – says Pompeo Barbieri, athlete of Termoli Swimming Cip – spero to be up to. Even if I’m a little bit afraid, there’s too much desire to compete. I can not wait. – In “good luck” to the young athlete by the President of Cip Molise, Donatella Perrella, and the President of Termoli Nuoto, Vincenzo Tufilli.